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So the guy from Mallrats is the new Batman?

At this point, writing about the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman is deader then Bruce’s parents. It’s all been said. People can complain all they want, but doing so is the most pointless use of energy in the universe. The reality is, for all business, big and small, the person who cuts the checks makes the calls. And the people who wrote the biggest Batcheck wanted Ben Affleck, so they got Ben Affleck.

Personally, I am really excited for the film. I love the Frank Miller inspired Batsuit. Frank Miller’s the Dark Knight Returns is one of my top 5 favorite books. When I think of Batman, I think of this book. If you haven’t read it, go snag one from your local comic shop. It is amazing and will make the movie even more enjoyable for you. It is the only comic book I have ever given as a gift.

From what we know about Batman vs Superman it is hard to deny the influences this book will have on the movie. The power armor that Batz is wearing in the trailers is directly from the Miller books.

I will also say, these books are not for kids. Frank Miller is not kid friendly. At all. Ever.

The new suit makes me really happy for a lot of other reasons too. I love Batman as a big monster of a man. I always really liked his size in Frank Miller and the Arkham video games. Also, as a big guy myself, this works for me when I do cosplay.

We have done something like 12 different versions of Batman and I really appreciate the relatively simple elements of this cosplay. The cowl has short ears so getting in and out of a taxi is easy. The gauntlets are simple and have short fins. They aren’t massive and bulky like Arkham City or Arkham Origins. The overall silhouette is simple and classic. Even the utility belt is simple compared to the new one in Arkham Knight. Combined, these elements make the cosplay hassle free and even more fun to be the Bat.

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