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 DEATHSTROKE - Full Foam Suit



I built this Deathstroke cosplay for the fan film Arkham Assassin by Going Nowhere films. It is based off of the Arkham Origins Deathstroke in the October 2013 Arkham Origins video game. We made the helmet, sword, utility belt, gloves and machine gun for this suit, and added battle scarring to give it a more realistic effect.


While we are no longer creating the full suit, we can still make the helmets. Yes, like the real suit in the game, the helmet only has one eye hole, but we offer the helmet in finished (painted) form or cast mold,  allowing you to do as you please with that second eye hole side. 

Manu Bennett posing with our Deathstroke and Red Hood helmets

Manu Bennett (the real Slade Wilson from CW's Arrow) posing with con-goers showing off their Snakepit Studios Deathstroke and Red Hood helmets.