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Keith Charles, Creative Director  

January 23, 2015

Having been in the prop making world for some time now, we've learned along the way that as a builder/prop maker/cosplay creator (whatever you call us), there are some things that we love and appreciate when clients do, and some things that you should just completely avoid if you're commissioning a project.


Let's start with the things that prop makers (not just us) are not fond of. Some of these may cause a builder to not work...

January 15, 2015

Paying For Commission Pieces 


So, you have found a reliable and trusted prop maker to work on your project! Now, as the client, what can you do to protect yourself?


In our experience, Paypal is the best way to go in terms of payment. But here are a few other tips that we have learned along the way:


1.   Half Now, Half Later

On new items (stuff builders haven’t made for anyone before) never pay in full. Most respectable builders...

January 14, 2015

At Snakepit Studios, we not only take commissions, but we also commission a lot of other artists for projects. So we understand what it's like to to be unsure when working with a prop maker on a custom project.


Here are a few things that we have learned along the way that will hopefully help you as you are looking for a cosplay designer to help you with the costume or project you've always dreamed of:  


1.   Look For Similar P...

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